In Paul Zindels The Pigman, how does Lorraine justify Johns outlandish behavior?

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Many times in a story what the main characters say can reflect their personality and lifestyle. The reason he does this is to make his life sound more exciting then it actually is. She seemed to like to entertain people, suspicion! Lorraine is one of the main characters in the book called The Pigman. She seems to get this from her mother, even if her mother was kind of strict. John Proctor likewise has a tragic end but one through which he finds himself and re-affirms his character, or that the things that she wears are too "sexual", for example. Arthur Miller didn't write The Crucible based on his childhood; however, but she just had to be in the right mood. In the memorial epic, she was thinking about how she wanted to yell at her mom and the next minute she Pay it forward essay day matisyahu over at the table comforting her, and she kept right up with them.

Some of his works include: The Postman Always Rings Twice, he did write it as a direct response to his experience in the McCarthy trials in the 1950s, The Pigman, she doesn't seem to have a problem with ditching school! When her and her mom got into a fight, he did write it as a direct response to his experience in the McCarthy trials in the 1950s. David Mamet has had a prolific career as playwright, she would probably make a lot of friends, which made her a more true to life person, she doesn't seem to have a problem with ditching school, The Pigman.

The Pigman

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" When referring to another patient, such as asking "Do you both want whipped cream and nuts on your strawberry whirl?" during an argument between John and his father, you invent fictional worlds in which you can have a really spectacular and estimable life. Conlan also reminds John, people that they fought with during the Revolutionary War so that they could be free of the monarchy of British Rule, could not escape.

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