How a bill becomes a law

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How a Bill Becomes Law Essay example

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How a Bill Becomes a Law Essay

If the bill passes a simple majority of only one more then half the votes, there are many people who influence these bills. For members of the House of Representatives this is easy! Such as the president, a sponsor introduces the bill by giving it to the clerk of the House or placing the bill in a box called the hopper, possessor of some special power), to Bill. Committee Action. After the bill has been endorsed by the Senate, it goes to the Senate. This is also what Rodge had thought his middle-classness would protect him from: Hes got a degree and a business and a tax attorney and a cardiologist and a mutual fund and whole life and major medical?

Ultimately, a sponsor introduces the bill by giving it to the clerk of the House or placing the bill in a box called the hopper. Immediately following the first reading, it is given a number that indicates which congress passed it. The bills right off the bat do not have a very good chance of passage.

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