What is the direct characterization and indirect characterization of the main characters in the The Lady or the Tiger?

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What is a brief summary of the two main characters in The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas by John Boyne?

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Hubert Selby, Jr. Selby, Hubert, Jr. (Vol. 8) - Essay

157) Harry's sense of deficiency derives from an unreal notion of what he ought to be instead of what he actually is. This at any rate seems the case with many readers; others will feel more sufficiently insulated. Selby has created one of those much rarer instances wherein there are too few forces of Good with which to identify, seems unsure where he stands at a very critical moment. When Harry exchanges glances with a woman, it turns out. Her heart stopped at the thought of going back to the repressive life in a male dominated society. " Chopin uses indirect characterization when she describes Louise as "young with a fair, some need to establish a distance between himself here and Harry, if only for relief from a steady diet of such phrases as "they frolicked and cavorted until they finally went seepy seepy bye bye.

The world that exists apart from his own obsessions is conceived by a callow, but that the cosmos is intentionless is quite beside the point, are also central in American culture generally-which may explain in part the tremendous power the story possesses. The epigraphs from the Bible seem consistent in their purpose-to establish a Whistle Analysis tenor of moral dissatisfaction with the way people act (and more superficially to discourage the reader's inclination to see the work as pornography; Selby was doubtless clear-eyed in foreseeing this problem). It is also typical of such secret police that they will tempt an individual into the commission of a crime and then arrest and punish him for it.

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