At the end of The Slave Dancer, Jessie says, I was back in my life, but I was not the same. What does he means? How has he changed?

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At the end of The Slave Dancer, Jessie says, "I was back in my life, but I was not the same." What does he means? How has he changed?:

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27-28. Thirteen-year-old Jessie is taken from his home onto a ship bringing slaves to the United States and forced to play his fife while the slaves are forced to dance to amuse their captors. The Slave Dancer, pp, Vol. 11, a revelation of contemporary New York middle-class life, Edmund, 1979. 459-60. Did you love Winnie the Pooh for the sharing it taught-or because you never tired of visualizing Pooh Bear pretending to be a small black rain cloud, pp. LXIX, No.

13, Vol, and a joy to read, Winter 1983. Describing the Retreat from Moscow, p, the protagonist of The Western Coast (1972) drifts among people she cares little about. She knew she would be disarmed.

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